The trip to Catania

I really enjoyed the November trip to Catania. I’ve lived with a wonderful family which warmly accepted me at their home. I also can’t complain about the weather. The sky was cloudless every day. It was never cold. During the tour I met amazing people from Italy, Germany, Slovenia and Bulgaria. I also got the chance to learn something about their countries, cultures and schools. However I learned the most about Italy because I spent a week there. The locals are very kind and nice. They also value food. I got the chance to taste some Sicilian dishes.I also got to sightsee a bit. We visited the monuments of Katania. We also were at the bottom of Etna. This volcano impressed me because dust keeps flying out of its center. We didn’t drive up to the top but we saw Etna very clearly. The next attraction was a city called Ragusa. I really liked it because it’s built on rock. The city was beautiful at night when all the lamps lit up. To sum up I think this trip was great and I’d go again if I had the chance.

Aleksandra Michałek IIIA